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Remote Pressure Gauge Systems

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The Remote Pressure Gauge System comes with a 1502 hammer union diaphragm protectors in conjunction with a single or dual pointer pressure gauge to separate line fluids from internal parts. Gauges are offered in either panel mount or box versions and come complete with hose.

1502 Pressure Sensor

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The 1502 pressure sensor is used to separate line fluids from the working gauge. It comes with either a rubber or urethane diaphragm cup.

Debooster and Piston Isolator

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Pressure deboosters are designed to reduce line pressure by 75% allowing the operator to be exposed to only 1/4 of the actual manifold pressure. To reflect actual pressure, gauges are calibrated at 1/4 of the line pressure.

The piston isolator is used to separate line fluids from the working gauge. It comes with a piston instead of a rubber cup diaphragm and gives a longer durability than the 1502 pressure sensor.

6" Gauges

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Gauges are available in both single pointer and dual pointer styles. Single pointer styles are available in any size and deboosted gauges are available up to 20,000 psi pressure with a 4:1 ratio.

Dual pointer styles have a vernier pointer with a 4:1 resolution for acute sensitivity to even nominal pressure changes (vernier pointer moves around scale 4 times to 1 time on regular pointer) and are available for up to 16,000 psi pressure.

Satellite Automatic Driller

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The Satellite automatic driller ensures that an accurate amount of line tension is always applied during drilling to maintain an efficient and steady penetration rate. The system comes with control box, drum crawler, diaphragm, right angle drive, and flex shaft.

Pilot II Satellite Automatic Driller

The Pilot II offers the same drilling accuracy as the original Satellite driller with the exception of increased drilling efficiency. This system can cut up to half the drilling time on surface hole and one quarter the time on regular drilling. It also has better line tension handling thus increasing the bit life. The system comes with the Pilot II control box, drum crawler, air diaphragm, right angle drive, and flex shaft.

Bell Automatic Drillers

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The Bell automatic driller ensures that tension is applied to the drilling line to maintain a steady penetration rate for accurate and efficient drilling. It comes with a control box, drum crawler, air diaphragm, and driller's valve.

Battery Operated Pump Stroke Counter

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The BOPSC offers users the ability to view pump strokes as well as total strokes at he same time. It comes in a stainless steel enclosure for long durability.

Depthometers (Wireline)

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The wireline depthometer is available for users who need to measure line size up to 1". It is made of aluminum to provide light weight design and has an easy to view counter with 5 digit display.

Depthometers (Coil Tubing)

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The coil tubing depthometer is available for users who need to measure tubing sizes from 1" to 1.625". It is made of an aluminum frame and arms with steel wheels to provide extra long durability with still a light weight design. It comes with a 5 digit display counter for easy viewing.

Line Pull / Tong Torque Systems

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The 6" line pull system offers users the ability to monitor an accurate torque value every time on drill collars, drill pipe, casing, or tubing. It comes with a single pointer gauge, hose, and a tong cylinder to measure the force.

Mud Gauges (Standpipe Gauges)

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The standpipe gauge is used in applications where high levels of pulsation and vibration are occurring. The gauge offers an accurate reading of pressure in these situations.

6" Unitized Mud Gauge

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A mud pressure system incorporated into a single gauge assembly and consisting of an inverted 6" gauge assembly mounted onto a hex housing with 2" male NPT thread complete with diaphragm cup, check valve & damper assembly. This unit is very dependable on applications where pulsation is a problem. The dampner assembly controls the pointer to show an accurate measurement of pressure. It is also very easy to see from distances up to 75 feet away with the 6" gauge face.

Easy View Mud Gauge

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The easy view mud gauge integrates a large inverted 5" dial face which is visible up to 75 feet away. Ideal for use on pumps, pump trucks, standpipe, choke manifolds and pipeline pressure applications or anywhere pulsation is a problem. It incorporates a dampner assembly to remove the constant fluctuations in the pointer.

Oil Products and Hand Pumps

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Kane Instrumentation offers instrument fluid and hand pumps to provide users with their in field troubleshooting needs.

R.P.M. & S.P.M. Indicating Systems

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RPM gauges measure revolutions per minute and are an accurate indication of rotary speed. They help the driller select optimum speed for faster penetration and more efficient drilling time. They are hooked up to a generator and can be directly coupled to any shaft turning in direct proportion to the rotary table or V-belt. The RPM gauges are available for either panel or box- mounted meters.

SPM gauges measure strokes per minute off of a generator. These generators need no outside power or batteries. They have explosion proof ratings and are easily mounted with direct connection to pump pinion shaft, piston rod oiler, or as an idler wheel to the V-belt driving the oiler. The SPM gauges are available in capacities from 0-100 to 0-500 SPM.

Rotary Torque Systems

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Designed for chain-driven rotary tables the rotary torque system shows the driller when the drill string is torquing to unsafe levels during coring, milling, and reaming operations and therefore helps to avoid twist-offs and increases bit life. The system includes a 6" liquid filled gauge complete with damper assembly in either box or panel mount styles, hoses with disconnect sets, and idler assembly with wheel.

Torque Alert

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Torque alerts are designed and used for monitoring accurate torque values t drill collars, drill pipe, tubing, or casing. The unit gives off a warning from both a horn and a light. It comes in a steel box with a hose and a tong cylinder.

Torque Master

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The torque master is used for monitoring accurate torque values on drill collars, drill pipe, tubing, or casing. The unit ensures that the same amount of torque is administered every time a joint is made up. The system lights up as well as cuts the power to the make up lever when the optimum torque is reached. Units are sold separately or along with 6" single pointer gauge, hose, and tong cylinder.

Bulk Weight Indicator System

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The bulk weight indicator system eliminates speculation when blending wet or dry material offering exceptionally accurate load measurement for bulk tanks and hoppers. Each system includes gauge, gauge bracket for mounting, hose assembly, and hydraulic compression type load cell.

Deadline Anchor Weight Indicating Systems

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The Deadline Anchor Weight indicating System is the most accurate of all weight indicating systems for use on mid to large size rigs. It comes in both 12" and 16" gauge face for easy viewing. Can be used with either tension or compression load cells. Sizes from 20 000 daN to 500 000 daN.

Weight Indicators (Pad type or Pendant)

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Pad type weight indicators are used on applications where either there is no dead line or a double fast line is being used. They give accurate weight indication up to 180,000 daN. The system comes with a gauge, box, hose assembly, and two pads.

Deflection Weight Indicator Systems (Clipper)

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The deflection type weight indicator system (Clipper) is a portable, rugged, and dependable unit ready to be placed on the drill line right out of the box and can be moved from rig-to-rig with ease. Each unit consists of a 12" indicator with complete dial set, heavy-duty steel mounting box, standard 25-foot hose length, and deflection type load cell with c-clamp.

Midget Weight Indicators

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The midget weight indicator system is a rugged and portable unit ideal for use on well service units, small drilling rigs, and productions rigs. It comes complete with a 6" gauge, heavy duty steel box, 25 feet of high pressure hose, and load cell. Available in either a working capacity of up to 25,000 pounds single line load or with a heavy-duty load cell with a working capacity of up to 30,000 pounds single line load.

Type C or G Weight Indicators

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The type 'C' or type 'G' weight indicator offers the user an accurate measurement of hook load during operation. It is a very rugged and dependable unit and can be used in situations where extreme cold temperatures are a factor. The type 'C' model can measure up to 180,000 daN and the type 'G' version measures up to 270,000 daN.

Bear Weight Indicator

The Bear Weight Indicator is an exclusive product to Kane Instrumentation. It employs the use of a pneumatic strain gauge diaphragm which hooks up to a large 16" gauge face enclosed in a metal box. By using the diaphragm assembly, this unit can be used in place of anchor style weight indicators at a much lower cost. Another advantage is that this weight indicator uses air as opposed to hydraulic fluid and thus eliminates oil leaks, air bubble traps in line, and changing outside temperatures. This provides a much more reliable weight reading no matter what the circumstances are.

Packer Junior Weight Indicator

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The packer junior weight indicator is used on units that do not require heavy work loads. This system can measure up to 75,000 lbs load and is a very inexpensive way to monitor weight.

Wireline Weight Indicator Assemblies

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The wireline weight indicator system provides slickline and wireline service trucks with a reliable, accurate measurement of downhole tool weights during wireline operations and heel or floor block applications. It also helps to prevent loss of valuable down hole tools. System includes a 6" gauge, hose assembly, and hydraulic load cell.

Cement Recorders

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There are two versions of cement recorders available. Truck mounted units are usually mounted directly on pump or service trucks. Portable units are freestanding and can easily be transported in a pickup truck. All recorders have 24-hour wind, 4-hour rotation chart drives with a start/stop mechanism and come in either single or dual pens. Single pen recorders measure one input while dual pen recorders can measure two pressure inputs at one time. These units are ideal for analyzing cementing, acidizing, fracturing, or just testing equipment.


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Positive-displacement air compressors work by forcing air into a chamber whose volume is reduced to compress the air. Piston-type air compressors use this principle by pumping air into an air chamber through the use of the constant motion of pistons. They use unidirectional valves to guide air into a chamber, where the air is compressed. Rotary screw compressors also use positive-displacement compression by matching two helical screws that, when turned, guide air into a chamber, the volume of which is reduced as the screws turn. Vane compressors use a slotted rotor with varied blade placement to guide air into a chamber and compress the volume.


Kane can rebuild your used compressor to look and run like brand new!

Air Controls and Crown Toggles

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The Rexroth Controlaire Valves are a family of pneumatic pressure regulating directional valves.  Hand, foot or mechanically operated, these valves control both pressure and flow of air.  Some control these functions in one air circuit.  Others selectively control these functions in two separate and independent air circuits or in branches of the same circuit.  Still others control these functions either selectively or simultaneously in three separate and independent branches of an air circuit.


The Versa line of air control valves offers a broad selection of sizes, types, actuators and mountings. 


A crown toggle valve is a valve that is mounted in a track (for adjustment) above the drawworks drum and the toggle valve is actuated by extra line being wrapped on the drum. When valve is actuated the drum clutch on drawworks is disengaged and the mechanical brake is locked down by use of an air cylinder.


Kane can rebuild your used air controls to look and work like brand new!

Line Cutters

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Pell Hydrashear units are self-contained manually operated hydraulic cutter models, are precision engineered tools designed to give a clean cut with minimum effort. Just pump the handle, no outside power is required. Able to be easily carried, these models are favorites of contractors, rigging lofts and elevator repairmen, and are recommended by wire rope manufacturers worldwide.


Kane can rebuild your used line cutters to look and work like brand new!

Self Retracting Lifelines (SRL’s or Fall Arrests)

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Fall arrest is the form of fall protection which involves the safe stopping of a person already falling. It is one of several forms of fall protection.  A speed sensing brake stops the fall, reduces forces imposed on the user to safe levels of 900 lbs. or less and allows for assisted rescue to take place.

Emergency Escape Devices

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The Geronimo Emergency Escape Device provides the quickest and safest method of controlled descent from a derrick or tower in the event of an emergency.

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